mamma says, fairfield

When we met Mamma Says in Fairfield, I knew it was going to be something special. Not only do we spell Mamma the same, we both love a silhouette AND both think the cafe's top, must-try breakfast is the Hash Stack. Did I mention MUST try?  T
he cafe gives a homely and familiar feel. Mamma loved the wall of Banksy prints which filled the room. There is also a large courtyard, perfect for bigger groups, prams and sunny days. The cafe has pencils and paper to keep the little ones occupied, highchairs  to keep them still and and a tasty kids menu to keep them full.
Mamma Says knows a thing or two about sweets with some of the yummiest pastries on the street. This cafe is  a place to visit in the NORTH. With a name like Mamma Says, how could it not be?

Mamma's special mention: The little ones absolutely adore Fairfield Library and is only across the road.

the nitty gritty

Monday - Saturday
7AM - 4PM
8AM - 4PM

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120 Station St, Fairfield

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