ovens street bakery, brunswick

Okay Mamma is not going to hold back on this article - lets talk about this place exactly the way she experienced it. Firstly, Mamma had heard this place was epic, delicious and really busy - so arriving early is a MUST!  She also heard that this place would change her opinion on sourdough bread.
At 8:30am Mamma waited patiently for the bakery to open. The exterior is just your old brown brick factory. The windows are blurry or boarded and there were bars on the door. Surely this was not the right place. Soon, the locals began to line up. Mamma isn't talking one or two, there was half a dozen or more. "We are open" a friendly voice shouts out. She walks in and then it hits her. This place IS epic! The smell is divine and the pastries looked delicious. What was Mamma going to choose? There were croissants filled with all sorts of lovely - jam, chocolate, some with almonds and loads more. There were Breakie rolls that oozed goodness and the variety of bread - amazing! "I'll have the rye sourdough please.... and one of the pain au chocolat, plain croissant and throw in one of those little olive rolls for the drive home".
Mamma could not fault the taste of ALL the treats she purchased. Each leaving that longing sweet taste in your mouth... and then, there was the sourdough. Yum! Yum! Yum! It is now that Mamma proclaims that Oven's Street Bakery holds the key to Mamma's sourdough heart.

Mamma's special mention: Have you visited Warr Reserve in Brunswick? This little hidden gem is a great space to let the kids run around and play.

the nitty gritty

9am - 1pm
10.30am - 3pm
or until SOLD OUT

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19 Ovens St, Brunswick

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