the boulevard @ montsalvat, eltham

Wowzer! Mamma just had lunch inside in an old artists colony. The buildings of Montsalvat are enchanting or as the little one liked to put it exactly like the Disney movie 'Brave'. Founded and built in the 30's by Justus Jörgensen - this place is amazing. Just sitting in the courtyard was some special. With the resident roaming peacock, old buildings, friendly staff and great food - The Boulevard makes lunch time a treat. Mamma says if you love muesli then give the house made muesli a go with orange yoghurt panacotta and mixed berries. Yum! 

Mamma's special mention: While you are here explore the grounds of Montsalvat. This place is something special. You feel like you are walking a french wonderland, it feels a bit like you're walking into an ancient village - part magical kingdom, part monastery. It's a great space for the little ones to explore.

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Monday - Sunday
8.30AM - 5PM

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7 Hillcrest Ave, Eltham

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