the hungary boy, melbourne

Mamma and the crew love a food truck adventure, especially when they are sweet. Delish! Let me introduce to The Hungary Boy. These guys are bringing an authentic European dessert experience to the streets of Melbourne with the traditional Hungarian pastry, Kurtoskalacs, commonly known as a Hungarian donut or Kurtosh. Or how Mamma likes to describe it, a donut cross slinky. Prepared and baked freshly in the van, providing a unique street food experience with every bite. There are four different coatings to choose from - coconut, cinnamon, 100's and 1000's or the traditional crushed walnut. Maybe for a little extra sweetness add the Nutella or chocolate sauce. 

You can check these guys out at either The Food Truck Park Preston or Welcome to Thornbury    For more info click here


Mamma's special mention: The Hungary Boys cater for private functions and love a little ones party too. Head over to their website for all details.




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Welcome to Thornbury

Wednesday JUL 12
5PM - 9.30PM
Saturday JUL 22
12PM - 10.30PM
Wednesday JUL 26
5PM - 9.30PM

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