BYO picnic boats - goboat melbourne, docklands

What an adventure this is for the family! Mamma says - GoBoat a fantastic way to see our beautiful city.

Kick off your adventure in the Docklands and then cruise under the Bolte Bridge, take a left down the Yarra and take in the city from your own personal little electric boat. These cute picnic boats can take up to 8 people and have built in tables in the middle - so you can pack some food and enjoy that on the move too!

The kids need to wear life jackets which is fine by Mamma and the boats don’t go very fast, which is also fine by Mamma! You don’t need a boat license or any experience but having said that - if you know a keen boating person it certainly makes for a cruisier voyage. Our kiddos even had a turn on the tiller!

The boats are very quiet as they are electric so you are not competing against loud motors to have a chat with the family, making for a very enjoyable ride. It is also a very smooth ride too, so you can feel pretty safe to experience GoBoat with the family. When you are near to any water though - please keep an eye on the kids at all times.

Mamma's special mentions: There are all kinds of props you can hire at the departure lounge like captain hats and the like PLUS you can take your fur baby on board too! Yes - they allow pets!

the nitty gritty

11am - Sunset

For pricing, to book and for more info click here

*never take your eyes off kids around water