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Here are 8 reasons why CAMP is PERFECT for the whole family.....

1.  the STAFF - Walking into Camp, Tegan and her staff welcome you with a big 'hello'. This instantly makes you and the crew feel reassured and relaxed.

2.   the CRAFTS - Cutting and pasting helps build your child's fine motor skills. These skills help with other areas of their lives like getting dressed and eating.

3.   the CAFFEINE - Coffee here delicious and loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Coffee = happy Mamma.

4.   the ART - Painting teaches children to self manage and helps teach them patience - seems impossible, but let me tell you, it's true!

5.   the FOOD - Getting kids to eat good, healthy and nutritional food is sometimes difficult, these guys seem to have it covered with their homemade fun and tasty menu. Every child is sure to enjoy!

6.   ALL AGES - Doesn't matter is you're 6 months or 101 years old these guys have crafts for all ages. Even Grandma will have loads to do when she comes to visit!

7.   the OPEN HOURS - Camp is open all through the year! Rain, hail or shine, every day is perfect for crafts...except Thursdays. when they are closed.

8. the IMAGINATION - being given the opportunity to be creative gives kids the the ability to think outside the box, to join two unrelated ideas together in a new way builds resilience and is of course super fun!

Mamma's special mention: Head around the corner and the little ones can let loose at Warr Reserve.



the nitty gritty

8:30am - 4pm
9am - 5:30pm

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718 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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