royal park 'nature play' playground, parkville

This is a fantastic playground! The blend of playground and nature is excellent with ropes, wood and rocks being a refreshing change to the usual run of the mill play equipment. The gardens, paths, bridges and rock stairs make getting from one part of the park to another all part of the adventure.

There is the usual stuff like sandpits, slides and swings plus they have added things like metal sculptures to play on and the water play area which really spices up the fun factor. Lots of thought has been put into the older kids enjoyment too, with tricky climbing rope ladders and platforms for them to tackle.

The beautiful grassy hill overlooking the playground was a highlight for Mamma, the views are lovely and the grass is squishy, perfect for a picnic or for rolling down, running up and running down ... again and again! Take your time here, there is heaps to do but one things for sure everyone will sleep well after a visit here.

Mamma's lil' tips:  Take a towel and change of clothes in case the kids get a little wet. There is no free parking that we could find but the ticket machine takes cards. Parking could well be an issue on a weekend. Toilets and baby change facilities are in the nearest Royal Children's Hospital building towards the water play area and there are also a few little cafes that direction too.

the nitty gritty

BBQ, water fountains, park benches, picnic tables, public toilets nearby

We entered near
Cnr Gatehouse Street and Story Street,  Parkville

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