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Concord Playgroup Bundoora is a place for children, parents and carers to come together. It's a place for friendships and community.

Mamma loves catching up with friends on a regular basis and that is why playgroup is just such an integral part of our weekly routine. This playgroup is no exception - the centre itself has a great outdoor space with playground, sandpit, cubby and ride on track. Plus the climb on truck which miss 3 (of course) enjoys playing on with all of her friends, letting their imaginations run wild with lots of role playing. The outdoor space has shade for warmer days too. For toddlers and little the indoor space includes soft play equipment and lots of sensory toys and there is also a train track which is a hit with a few of the regulars little ones. The indoor space is also perfect for rainy days and for those who like to avoid the chilly winter air. Really, this is an all-weather playgroup so prepare for all weather types. There is a fully functional kitchen, perfect for heating, making and preparing food for little ones and grabbing a cuppa!

Concord Playgroup is a non-profit organisation. The program is run by a volunteer committee of parents and carers, with the primary focus of creating and maintaining a safe and enjoyable place for children to play and socialise. With 2 hour sessions running three times a day, 5 days a week, Mamma says, this playgroup is suited for all families

Mamma and her little are always greeted with warm smiles and feel right at home here. These families who attend, are about community support and working together, creating sessions perfect for little ones whilst building friendships with one another.

This is a great way for families to meet like minded people in their community. 

Mammas special mention: There are sessions everyday and ALL families are welcomed - please contact Concord Playgroup Bundoora for more info.

    the nitty gritty

    playground - sandpit - cubby - ride ons - indoor play - crafts

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