the store of requirement, collingwood

This Mamma has been a HP fan for a very long time and anything Harry Potter has got to be awesome -  this place has got all us fans all SORTED! 

Once you get inside (and the lines were long - so bring some snacks and be prepared for a good wait) you are treated to a huge range of official kinda merch. The clothing and hats had Mamma's credit card burning HOT and the fire place crates a nice atmosphere for the store too. 

There is a nice 'Weasley' mish mash of stuff on the walls as well as some great subtle prints and framed memorabilia for the more 'introverted' lovers of JK's world. 

You can even sample some Butterbeer made famous by The Three Broomsticks, taste a range of wizard inspired cakes, pick up a wand, a marauders map and keep a close eye out for your very own invisibility cloak - very tricky to find.

*note: we don't think there really is an invisibility cloak.

Mamma's special mention: Hotel Jesus is up the road and make some delicious authentic mexican food. Even Miss 3 loves it. Maybe you need to get the kids out for a run, check out Fitzroy Gardens

the nitty gritty

Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday - Friday
 12pm - 7pm
Saturday and Sunday
10am - 5pm

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6 Smith Street