bentwood, fitzroy

Hello Fitzroy! Hello Bentwood!

This new stylish, clean and crisp cafe has moved into Fitzroy and it's got Mamma wanting more. The place has a really warm vibe and the staff are super friendly. There are tables for all group sizes and while Mamma was in, she spotted a local mother's group enjoying a cuppa and talking everything baby. 

Bentwood offer both healthy and cheeky food options. Let's just say you will have to visit more than once. Mamma shared the Granola Bowl with little miss. Filled with loads of goodness, we were both licking the spoon and almost the bowl (then Mamma's etiquette kicked in). 

Bentwood is the sister cafe to Northcote's popular local, Tinker, and this can only mean one thing - AMAZING!

Mamma's special mention: PBS hold Rock-A-Bye Baby sessions at the Fitzroy Town Hall. It's only a 2 minute walk away and you get to see some of Melbourne's great bands. 
If you are looking for somewhere to let the little ones run wild, check out Fitzroy Adventure Park. This space is perfect for play and holds a real warm community feel too.

the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday
7am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday
7.30am - 4pm

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237 Napier St, Fitzroy

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