old school pizza, coburg

Weekend dining just got a whole lot more fun when Old School Pizza moved into Coburg. This place is nuts! And Mamma says that in a good way!
They serve up some awesome freak shakes, there is a stone grill experience and an oversized pizza slice challenge that only the brave can take on. Everything is delicious, Old School Pizza is going to knock your socks off!

This restaurant not only gets you licking your lips for lunch and dinner, but they even do breakfast too - with lots of your favourites to choose from.

Weekends can get pretty busy, so bookings are essential or you can always get takeaway.

Mamma's special mentions:  Weekends are made for family adventures and Coburg Drive In’s is a short drive away and perfect for a weekend treat. With some of the latest flicks it is the perfect place to snuggle and catch a movie with a takeaway pizza!

the nitty gritty


Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday - Sunday
8AM - 10PM

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