coburg drive in, coburg north

We LOVE some old school family fun, and a night at the drive in is exactly that! Mamma remembers heading here with the family back in the 80's and the best thing about this place is that it has barely changed at all!  The entrance still has the vintage Dodge Phoenix on the roof, the old radio stands still mark the car spots and the diner looks straight from the 50's - complete with pinnies and booths. Grab a hot dog, nuggets, chips or burger for dinner, or eat beforehand and just stock up on popcorn and Maltesers for the show! You can also stay in your car and order your treats from the Coburg Drive In app! Mamma loaded the car up with blankets and cushions and we sat snug and sardine-like in the boot. Winter is a great time to go because of the early show times and extra coziness! If a drive in adventure is good enough for Joanie and Chachi then it's good enough for Mamma!

Mamma's special mention: Grab some fish n chips from the awesome Blu and eat beforehand or take them with you. 

Head for a play at Coburg Lake Reserve before the movie to get the wriggles out!

the nitty gritty

Kids under 12 free - playground - bring your own food or purchase at diner.

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155 Newlands Road, Coburg North

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