edendale community environment farm, eltham

Edendale Farm is a champion of sustainability and education. This community space in Eltham is an amazing place to take the fam and learn about farm life, our local wildlife and our much loved farm buddies. There is no set price for entry but donations are greatly received in the donations boxes dotted around the farm. There are a handful of bigger animals, a stack of chickens in every variety going around and some guinea pigs and rabbits that get a cuddle each school holiday! It is so laid back here that you could spend the entire day here checking our the kitchen garden, looking for worms, waving at some goats or playing in the sandpit. All this without having to rush to get to a special show. You can also have a turn of milking a cow or a goat - but these guys are safe but just a little stiff.

The information centre will inspire as well as educate with interactive displays and activity sheets to help as you run around and explore the farm. Don't forget to see if there is some chicken feed when you there! The cafe on site operates 7 days of the week but you are welcome to bring your own 'rubbish free' picnic on site as well. The coolest part has to be the Rubbish to Rainbow display - a collection of old toys that has been repurposed into art! They are always updating and maintaining the rainbow, so if you have any old or broken toys that are suitable, bring them with you net time you visit and drop them into the information centre. 


Mamma's special mention: The Diamond Creek Trail runs parallel to the farm is a wonderful family bike track.  

the nitty gritty

7 days
9:30am - 4:30pm

gold coin donation

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30 Gastons Rd, Eltham

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