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There's so much to discover at the Melbourne Zoo, and this fantastic indoor (with brand new outdoor!) play space is easily overlooked with its unassuming entrance. Step into a world of imagination where the kiddos can become vets, researchers, construction workers, and other jobs you'll find at the zoo. There's a play table with figurine african animals, dress ups, soft toys to cuddle, space for mums and dads to rest their weary legs under the big tree, live monkey viewing - and then step outside to the researchers campsite where they study animals in their natural habitat, complete with research tent, jeep and activities to complete.  If it's too chilly for outdoor play then trust Mamma - this is an excellent option. There is a toilet inside so don't do what Mamma did and trudge everyone out past the Meerkats.  The coffee shop is handily right outside the front too!

Mamma's special mentions: If you haven't uncovered Keeper Kids yet. Get yourself a zoo membership as you will be back time and again and it's FREE as part of your membership. 

the nitty gritty

Keeper Kids hours
9am - 4pm

Zoo Hours
open 9am to 5pm
every day of the year

Adult $32.50
Child (0-3 yrs) FREE
Child (4-15 yrs)
Saturday, Sunday,
public/school hols FREE
Child (4-15 yrs)
Monday - Friday  outside holidays $16.30

yearly membership $96.00 adults
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Elliot Avenue

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