baby spa, moonee ponds

You read correctly. This is a spa for babies. The smallest members of your family are welcome to indulge in a luxury session at Baby Spa in their new location in Moonee Ponds, for hydrotherapy and massage. Babes are welcome from 2 days to 6 months of age and are treated like little kings and queens. Fitted with a bubby - a floatation device especially designed for this form of therapy  - the babies explore the water with complete freedom. Little arms and legs move through the water as they experience all new sensations in a position that they have most likely never been in before. 

Trained staff observe the children closely to determine how comfortable they are in the water, watching for when they are tried and need a rest or a simple float on their backs. After their dip, the babies have a turn on the massage tables and get a good look at themselves in the mirrors as they get a rub down after all that hard work in the water. This guy certainly enjoyed having his guns oiled up! 

The younger the better for this type of activity and there are special individual pools for the babies under 8 weeks. The communal spa pools are for the bigger bubs, making it a fun opportunity for socialisation too.  You can find out more about the ins and outs of this unique program here

Mamma's special mention: After all that loving for the littlest crew member, it might be Mamma’s turn. Head to The Boathouse Playground for a local coffee hit.

the nitty gritty

Hydrotherapy and Infant Massage $89

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