edwardes lake park, reservoir

If you grew up in the north, you would have definitely heard of Edwards's Lake Park and most would have either played, picnicked or attended a sports or community festival there. Edwardes Lake Park has been a part of Reservoir for as long as this Mamma can remember.  

With a flying fox, a massive slide, 2 rope climbing stations, sandpit and music play, this park is perfect for any adventurer. Not to mention excellent facilities, BBQ's, gazebos and easy parking. Most weekends you'll find the Mr Whippy van out front serving up your favourite treats. Edwards's Lakes park is the host to cultural festivals, scouts and school activities, but mostly a popular venue for young families to play on the swings, and young athletes to train on the track.

Perfect for all age groups, even the BIG kids.

Mamma's special mention: Enjoy a play and then head over to Off The Boat for a take away pizza or to dine in.

the nitty gritty

old train to climb - most of playground is fully fenced - good shade - bbqs - flying foxes - public toilets - picnic shelter - walking trails - sporting fields - fitness equipment

Edwardes St & Griffiths St

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