montgomery (pirate shipwreck) park, essendon

NEWS JUST IN! The Swift Parrot Pirate Ship has been found shipwrecked in Essendon! The notorious pirate Captain Kidd sailed this almighty galleon and that can only mean one thing - treasure! Now deep beneath the sand all that is left of the ship is the mast, crows nest and tattered flags and sail - so man the lifeboats, keep a watch out for whales, find the treasure map and start digging! Mamma's crew had a ball uncovering the fun at this new park. There is even some more equipment on the opposite side of this park if you are looking for more fun! Oh did we find the gold?....maybe we did or maybe we left it locked up in the chest.

Mamma's special mention: Essendon Traffic School is nearby so have some double fun one Saturday! 

the nitty gritty

TOILETS - BBQ - Shelter -FREE Parking - Shade

Hilda St

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