scavengers warehouse, coburg north

Mamma loves op shops and here’s one she could spend hours in! Scavengers have an amazing, huge warehouse full of second-hand toys, furniture, clothing and treasures!

Originally a storage and sorting venue for the small, Sydney Road Scavengers store, the warehouse is now open for business on weekends for all of those bargain and treasure hunters out there!

Mamma spotted dolls, bears, sparkly shoes and dresses, baby clothes, rocking horses, millions of books, trolleys full of cars and toys, mannequins, artwork and just so, so much more on her last visit! And the prices are unbelievably reasonable! Here is a place you could truly get lost in!

Mamma's special mention: Looking for another adventure after all of that bargain hunting? Coburg Lake Reserve is not far, what about a picnic or a play on one of the playgrounds?

the nitty gritty

Saturday & Sunday

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