squishy minnie bookstore, kyneton

It’s no secret that Mamma LOVES kids books! There is something a bit magical about an independent children’s bookstore and this is particularly true of Squishy Minnie. The space is bright and welcoming with beautifully curated displays, a reading nook full of pillows and soft toys, a train set for the little ones and a section at the back with a long table for events and workshops.

Kristen, Squishy’s owner, has realised her childhood dream of opening a bookstore and her goal has been to provide a community space where kids of all ages and abilities can find a sense of belonging, hanging out after school, browsing and accessing stories with characters they can relate to. You can really feel that passion as you enter through the doors, sensing that this place is much more than just a bookstore.

Check out upcoming events, workshops and book club here.

Weekly Story Times run on Thursdays at 10:30am. Usually free, check here for details.

Mamma's special mention: You will find the lovely Ruby Cafe very close by, they have great coffee, delicious food and toys and a sandpit in their spacious courtyard!

the nitty gritty

Sunday and Monday
Wednesday - Friday
 9am - 5pm
10am - 4pm

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