sargent's cakes, reservoir

Okay Mamma needs to explain this one clearly - Morning baked, soft sponge cake with freshly whipped cream and a thin layer of strawberry jam. Yum! Traditional vanilla slice, chocolate eclairs, custard tarts, apple turnovers and.... the list only gets sweeter and sweeter.

Sargent's Cakes is a Reservoir icon and a sweet tooth kinda heaven. All cakes are baked fresh daily and most sell out just as quickly. They have a delicious range of pies and pastries, you might find hard to ignore too.

Mamma's special mention: There is no sit down space here so grab a bite to eat and over to Edwards Lake Park for a play.





the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday
6am - 5.30pm
6am - 1pm

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40 Edwardes St

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