crocs playcentre - reservoir

Croc’s Playcentre provides play areas for kids of all ages that have been designed by one of the leading indoor play specialists. All the indoor favourite features are here - Jumping castle, speed slide, mini bike track and cars, a toddler play zone (all nice and squishy) and mini play structure. But let's be honest - it is the battle ball zone that the kids will be spending the most amount of time in. Filling the bucket and pushing the button for them to come cascading down again. And again. And again. 
This place is huge and there are loads of exciting things to do, so the kids can have hours of fun.

Mamma's special mention: Crocs are great for holding special events and even regular activities that are included in their entry fee. Check out the website for up to date information

the nitty gritty

7 Days
9:30am - 5pm

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87 Newlands Rd  Reservoir

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