aston's champion parade playground, craigieburn

This park takes Mamma right back to when she was a little girl - such excitement. Not only does it resemble a tree house, it's a climbers heaven. From rope ladders to walking tunnels divided by little nest like huts, this place is super cute. There is even a little toddler hub for the little ones with soft landings so nobody gets hurt. You will also find the park also includes swings, slide, see saw and a zooming flying fox. Perfect for everyone!

Mamma's special mention: You will probably need to pack a lunch box for this one - the kids are not going to want to leave or you could visit Aston’s Debonair Playground! It is only a few minutes away and also great fun!

the nitty gritty

pram accessible drinking fountains - shelter - bike and walking trails

Champion Parade

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