traffic park @ aston, craigieburn

Beep beep, look out! Mamma comin’ through!

Mamma is SO EXCITED to show you our brand new ‘Mamma Approved’ Playground at Aston in Craigieburn! The Mamma’s helped design this fantastic space with Peet Limited for the community to enjoy for years to come.

Not only does it have great play equipment like a tower, slides, rope bridge, mini trampolines, swings and more…but it has its very own TRAFFIC PARK! Yes, the little kids can zoom, ride, skate or scoot around the track and roundabouts, over the speed humps and moguls and even across the train tracks! This gorgeous park is already a hit with Mamma’s clan and will be for yours, too!

Mamma says the new park has OUR stamp of approval!

Both Peet and Mamma Knows North believe that one of the most important elements of a strong community is high quality parks and playgrounds and we are committed to bringing a whole new level of fun to Aston.

the nitty gritty 

shelter - no toilets - traffic park - benches - street parking

mamma north approved playground.jpg

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