brimbank park, keilor east

As soon as you leave the freeway and start to drive down into Brimbank Park,  you instantly start to feel a little more relaxed. The houses and suburbs disappear and are replaced with trees, picnic shelters and bush land - there is oodles to explore, lots of families and plenty of space. The feature 'playscape' area is excellent - with swings, a giant pea pod,  cow park bench,  an alphabet maze,  a HUGE platypus and so so much more! Look closely and you will find all kinds of treasures scattered throughout the space. There are even a few trees to clamber and climb which is super spesh for the nature lovers. This playground and parkland is beautifully integrated into nature with some fab highlights dotted throughout to uncover and surprise you and the kids. Take your time here, it's definitely somewhere to spend a good couple of hours. 

The Brownstone Cafe is open again! Every day 7am -3pm with brand new owner Fraser a friendly face with some great ideas on the way for this amazing space. Currently serving some toasties and treats, icy poles and also great coffee. There are toys and games here too so super kid friendly (and dog friendly too)!!

Mamma's special mention: Parks Victoria is working to increase the accessibility of its parks for people on the autism spectrum. The social script you can print and read they have created for this park has photographs and simple text to show children what they may see and experience during a visit to Brimbank park.  You can read them this resource or download the Word document to print out. You can also cut and paste the pages to create a story that best suits your child and your planned park visit.  Please visit the Parks Victoria website HERE to download the script.


the nitty gritty

lots of BBQ's and picnic shelters - lots of park benches and seating - pram access - public toilets - shade - cafe

Keilor Park Drive
Keilor East

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