civic drive playspace, greensborough

Caution! There is a HUGE snake weaving its way through the BRAND NEW Civic Drive Playspace in Greensborough. But never fear - this concrete giant ain’t too fast. The scales have been painted by local kiddos and it is a pretty friendly friend to find in the park.

This playground is a brilliant space for the whole gang. There is the epic slide structure reaching into the clouds, a great challenging rock climbing blob and a funky round-shaped - yes round - basketball half court.

Then there are the wheel chair accessible features including the spinner and the wheel-up sand pit. There are musical features including the shiny drums, classic swings, climbing ropes, a log forest AND a flying fox!

You guys are going to love this beauty.

Mamma's special mention: Around the corner you will find the Diamond Valley Library. A great spot for a quieter moment after the fun of the playground. OR drop in for storytime.

the nitty gritty 

sand - bbq - picnic shelter - opposite leisure centre - library nearby - green space for a picnic - half court basketball - limited shade

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