benalla street art, benalla

Welcome to the country town in northern Victoria Benalla, otherwise known as the street art capital of Australia. Forget the dimly lit laneways of the CBD. Here in Benalla the entire town is adorned with the works of international and homegrown mural masters! The Wall to Wall Festival happens in April each year. You can visit at the time and witness the works in progress - or once the paint has dried and take it in all at once.
Immortalised throughout the town you will find dogs, horses, fish and unicorns. You’ll spot women, children, ninja turtles and fashionistas painted on the walls, at the skate park, on public toilet blocks and even on the footpath. You can enjoy these art pieces by following the map on the Wall to Wall festival website, join a walking tour, or chat to a friendly local who is happy to point to the next one!

Mamma’s special mention: If you are super keen on enjoying more of Victoria’s incredible street art, take a road trip to enjoy the Silo Trail.

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