st georges lake, creswick

What a beauty! This amazing lake is not only peaceful and picturesque, but an adventure for all seasons. Whether you visit in the summer to dip your toes in the cool water, in the spring for a BBQ overlooking the lake, maybe an autumn visit to see the golden leaves change their colour OR perhaps a winter wander through the pine forest, you are sure to find it is a feast for the eyes AND the soul.

The lake circuit is only 1.8km's so easily traversed by the 5 year olds and up, although there are some bumpy and hilly spots so do it at your own pace (not suitable for prams).  There are plenty of spots to stop and take in the water views.

Or alternatively just laze on the grass with a picnic or fry up some snags on one of the two BBQ's and hang out at the picnic tables.

If you wade in the water in summer take care as it is not patrolled, and gets deep quickly (so keep an close eye on the littlies), but it has been a favourite swimming hole for locals for many years.

Bring the pooch (on lead) but beware of the bold black swan who will want your lunch!

Mamma’s special mention: One of Mamma’s faves - Tuki Trout Farm is not far away!

the nitty gritty

toilets - BBQ's - picnic tables - water (gets deep quickly)- dogs allowed (on leash)

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