cascades, metcalfe

You know how with most waterfalls you need to stand at a distance and view the beauty from afar? Well this amazing spot is like an interactive waterfall! The water rushes over these rocks and cascades down them into pools and further along the Coliban River. So you can literally touch and walk around the flowing water. The huge, majestic, moss-covered rocks are great to explore and climb on, and in the summer you will find people taking a dip in the pools. Now, we must mention that you need to be careful! There is rushing water that dips down into crevices and the water can get deep in parts, so just be mindful and enjoy this natural beauty!

Mamma's special mention: Kyneton is a 15-20 min drive away. Go and explore this gorgeous town!

the nitty gritty

small parking area- picnic tables - rushing water - deep pools at certain points - wear shoes with grip and be mindful of fast moving water and various water depths