laughing waters swimming hole, eltham

Mamma is always on the lookout for unique spots to swim during the warmer months. There is something so nostalgic about swimming in fresh, river water! Laughing Waters is lovely because it’s not too far away but be warned - the water is COLD! The path is also quite uneven with a couple of steep climbs to get to the water so this is probably one for the adventurous older kids (unless you’ve got a good adult-to-toddler ratio!) This is truly a ‘getting in touch with nature’ type of experience and not for everyone!

There are some small, flat surfaces at the river’ edge, giving you access to the water where it’s shallow and there’s just enough room so that you can set up a picnic blanket and have a bite to eat after your swim (remember to take your rubbish with you as there are no bins onsite).

The scenery is luscious and green and the running water is just beautiful so even if refreshingly cold water isn’t your thing (!!) it’s still a tranquil and relaxing experience to sit on the shore and dip your feet in. Take a book and some food and make an afternoon of it.

Mamma's special mention: Mamma can’t suggest going to Eltham and NOT also suggest a stop off at the incredible Eltham North Adventure Playground! It’s truly amazing!

the nitty gritty

Drive as far as you can along Laughing Waters Road, if it’s a warm day you’ll see lots of other cars parked along the road (there’s no parking elsewhere) so grab a park where you can and then continue on foot until you see a little path forged in the bush on your right - & probably also people coming and going from there - which is the entry way to the best spot to access the water.

No toilets, No rubbish bins. No pram access. Dog friendly.